Carol Maher has worked in the field of stress management,  personal development, health and wellness since 1983. She has an extensive background in Transcendental Meditation having completed the initial transcendental meditation course in 1978 and then the advanced meditation courses and techniques. She attended a teacher training course from 1982 to 1983 and has taught students full-time for 30+ years.

Carol has taught thousands of people, from all areas of life, such as the medical profession, general practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists, the business sector, small businesses, executives of Australian and multi-national corporations, local and international entertainers, students and families.

Carol has been highly recommended for her dedication and to be of the highest professional calibre, companies where she has conducted courses have reported to her that “there was an increase in productivity and a more relaxed working atmosphere which has been beneficial not only to the individuals but to the overall well-being of our company.” “TM has been of great benefit for our health and well-being and has significantly improved our professional capabilities.”

She trained in Europe, India and the USA, has clients in the USA and UK and is one of the most experienced meditation coaches in the world.